Speedo, MPH, 60mm, with Warning Lights, Black Face, Polished Body

This listing is for the 140MPH model. Images here show the KPH model, but we will definitely send you the MPH version.

Speedo with built-in warning lights & LED backlight, 60mm diameter, polished stainless steel bezel & body with a black face.

Perfect for your cafe racer, bobber, chopper, street tracker, or Brattstyle project.


- max. speed: 140 miles/hour

- trip meter and odometer,

- LED backlight,

- high beam, neutral, oil, and indicator LED warning lights,

- stainless steel mounting bracket,

- bezel diameter 67mm (2.64"),

- body diameter 60.5mm (2.38"),

- length 53mm (2.09") (not including the speedo cable spigot),

- ratio is 60mph = 2,240RPM. Suits most Japanese, and many American and British motorcycles.

Cable spigot size is M12 with 1mm thread pitch.

Please ensure you wire up the LED(s') with the correct polarity. Powering LED's incorrectly may render them inoperative and they are not a serviceable item. All LED's are tested prior to shipping.

Also ensure the inner wire of your speedo cable does not protrude more than 24mm into the speedo when fitted. More than 24mm can result in damage to the speedo mechanism.

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