Speedo, KPH, 60mm, Black, Bulb-lit

Speedo with trip meter, 60mm diameter, black satin painted stainless steel body and bezel, black face.


- 0-140kph.

- trip meter and odometer.

- incandescent bulb backlight.

- black mounting bracket.

- bezel diameter 67mm (2.64").

- body diameter 60.5mm (2.38").

- length 53mm (2.09") (not including the speedo cable spigot).

- gear ratio: 60km/h=1,400RPM.

Cable spigot size is M12 with 1mm thread pitch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to location of single bulb at the bottom of speedo, speeds between 50 and 90km/h are not illuminated at night. If you require uniform illumination at night, please choose one of our LED backlit speedo's.

Ensure the inner wire of your speedo cable does not protrude more than 24mm into the speedo when fitted. More than 24mm can result in damage to the speedo mechanism.

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